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Florida Association
for Bilingual Education

Mission Statement

Our mission is to recognize, promote and publicize excellence in bilingual education in Florida.

The purposes of FABE is to:

  • promote the establishment, maintenance, and expansion of high quality bilingual education programs pre-K through higher education (PhD) for students of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds as a means to ensure equitable and enriched educational opportunities for all students;
  • promote bilingual education as a valid and research-based educational process and approach by which academic success and socio-emotional development of students is ensured as they develop bilingualism and biliteracy;
  • cultivate a statewide base of knowledge and resources to be made available to bilingual educators across the state of Florida by tapping into and promoting the expertise of its members;
  • develop and promote the profession of bilingual educators as distinct from other educational roles in the state of Florida; and
  • advocate for broad public recognition of the importance of bilingualism and biliteracy as a path toward equitable participation in a global, multilingual and multicultural world.

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